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Clonal hematopoiesis of undetermined potential (CHIP) involves an acquired mutation of hematopoietic cells in the bone marrow. A mutation is a spontaneously occurring, permanent change in the genetic material. It can cause cells to change their behavior. The occurrence of CHIP mutations increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and death. Currently, there is no drug therapy recommendation in the guidelines.

The German CHIP Registry contributes to collect relevant data of CHIP carriers from clinical routine and everyday life and to improve care in the future. Recent studies have shown that CHIP is associated with a strong inflammatory component. This may open the possibility of anti-inflammatory therapy for patients with CHIP mutations in the coming years. The German CHIP Registry provides information on current findings, points of contact, and potential therapeutic options.

Research groups supporting the German CHIP Registry are working on hematological and cardiovascular research questions. We are particularly interested in the impact of specific CHIP mutations on individual hematological and cardiovascular risk and how this risk can best be reduced. More information can be found under ‘Scientific findings