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Facts & numbers

Recent research has shown that CHIP is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Here are some important facts and figures about CHIP as it relates to cardiovascular disease and blood cancer:

  • In Germany, based on recent findings, CHIP affects an estimated 6 million people.
  • CHIP occurs in an estimated 25% of adults over the age of 70.
  • In patients with established coronary artery disease, the risk of being a CHIP mutation carrier is 25-35%.
  • Individuals with CHIP are two to four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those without CHIP.
  • CHIP doubles the risk of dying prematurely from a cardiovascular event.
  • Classic Risk Factors Certain CHIP mutations, such as those in the DNMT3A, TET2, ASXL1, or JAK2 genes, are associated with a particularly high risk of developing both cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  • 1% of patients with CHIP develop blood cancers each year.
  • Monitoring CHIP is becoming an increasingly important component of cardiovascular disease prevention and management, particularly in older adults.
  • While the presence of CHIP increases the risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular disease, not all individuals with CHIP develop these diseases.
  • Lifestyle factors such as a healthy diet and exercise can help reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease in individuals with CHIP.

Optimal management of cardiovascular risk factors of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and abstinence from nicotine reduce individual risk.
Overall, while CHIP can increase the risk of serious health problems, early detection and monitoring can help reduce this risk and improve overall health.